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Tiphaine Siovel

Born in France

Bilingual French/English

Lives & works in London, UK


Tiphaine Siovel began writing the first volume of Briseis when she was 18 years old, upon leaving high school. She has built on the novel over the years alongside her various other activities:


She studied literature at the Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris, then theatre studies in New York and London, remaining in London to pursue her career as an actor and writer. There, she performed in three plays - Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl, Notre Future by Feydeau, and Les Justes by Camus - and played the leading role in two independent feature films (Echos by Perrine Liévois and Le Souffle de la Nature by Hadrien Don Fayel).

Tiphaine has also written and directed her own play, Naked Ground, shown in London in January 2012. She also writes screenplays and graphic novels.


In November 2012, the first volume of Briseis was published under Éditions Robert Laffont. After spending three years in Toulouse, where she wrote the second volume of Briseis, Tiphaine set off on her travels again, notably heading to Los Angeles, where she perfected the screenplay of her first feature film.


Now back in London, Tiphaine divides her time between writing the third volume of Briseis and working in film production.

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