Casting Assistant

As an actress and writer, I have had the privilege to work on the two aspects of the film making directly linked to casting. I therefore understand how important it is to get it right, which is why I am eager to put my skills and positive energy to the service of casting directors.


Through my directing work, and thanks to my own experience as an actress, I have learned how to interact with actors to get the best performances out of them, from casting to production.

My experience as a producer and assistant producer also contribute to my understanding of the industry and make me confident in my organizational skills and ability to respond to any demand in the most efficient and qualitative way.

Being bilingual French/English, I believe I can be a valuable asset to numerous international productions.

I am based in Uxbridge, close to all UK major film studios, and have easy access to accommodation in Paris and numerous other places in France.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with any enquiries

at or 07878 543 690

Directing work

2017 - Directing of French play

"Vous avez dit bizarre, Docteur Asperger"

Written in order to raise awareness about the condition of people with Asperger syndrome, a certain kind of autistic syndrome. 


This play presented an extra challenge to direct, as one of the two actresses had the Asperger syndrome. A choice that was made to further support the purpose of the play.

The play toured in Brittany, France, across the course of 2017.

2015 - Directing of French play

"Dis à ma fille que je pars en voyage"

by Denise Chalem

Two women incarcerated in the same prison cell for 3 years share their past life and help each other find the courage to face the hardships of imprisonnement. 

The play toured in Brittany, France, across the course of 2015.

2012 - Directing of my own play

"Naked Ground", premiered in London

A 1,5 hour comedy with 5 characters


Set in the early 50s, the play tells the story of five people choosing between desire and responsibility.

Paris, Le Bourget Airport.

The peace of mind of two couples is shattered when a distressed woman appears, claiming to be the wife of one of the men. Her unfaithful husband is running away with his mistress, robbing her of her honeymoon in the Amazon. The situation grows all the more delicate when the mistress mysteriously disappears.

As the mistress is nowhere to be found, and their plane for Brazil keeps inexplicably being delayed, they are all forced to face the truth and stand up for their choices.

“The characters of the play take different approaches to resolving the situation they are confronted with. No one is right or wrong, but audience members might be tempted to defend one or the other, according to their own values and beliefs. With “Naked Ground”, I hope to raise debates between the defenders of each character.”

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