I have been writing for over 14 years, novels, film scripts, a play and a graphic novel. Discover more about it here.

The Novels

The film scripts


Running Loose

The play

The play Naked Ground was premiered in London in January 2012.

Naked Ground – A 1,5 hour comedy with 5 characters

Set in the early 50s, the play tells the story of five people choosing between desire and responsibility.

Paris, Le Bourget Airport.

The peace of mind of two couples is shattered when a distressed woman appears, claiming to be the wife of one of the men. Her unfaithful husband is running away with his mistress, robbing her of her honeymoon in the Amazon. The situation grows all the more delicate when the mistress mysteriously disappears.

As the mistress is nowhere to be found, and their plane for Brazil keeps inexplicably being delayed, they are all forced to face the truth and stand up for their choices.

“The characters of the play take different approaches to resolving the situation they are confronted with. No one is right or wrong, but audience members might be tempted to defend one or the other, according to their own values and beliefs. With “Naked Ground”, I hope to raise debates between the defenders of each character.”

Tiphaine Siovel

The Graphic Novel

GEN.I.US – A graphic novel series

A pacific young artist discovers on his 21st birthday he owes his life and body to the army and must pay his debt by serving 25 years in a genetically modified infantry.

I am currently looking for an illustrator. To know more about the project,

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